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be.connected is an online service designed to help companies to grow their businesses through easy access to contacts in new markets.

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be.connected allows you to connect to more than 4500 members of chambers of commerce around Europe

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Opportunities are shared within your network, and with other participating networks

Develop safely

Our network is based on trust: we verify each member's identity and certify that the company exists

Latest opportunities

Power transformers, distribution transformers and special designed transformers.
We provide transformers which are designed as per customer specifications and latest international standards. Durable products aimed to have good w...
16 hours ago
Looking for clients for Vanagupe Conference center (up to 500 delegates) / Palanga, Lithuania
Looking for companies interested in organizing conferences, meetings, banquets, events (up to 500 delegates) in 5* Hotel Vanagupe Conference Center...
16 hours ago
We provide Chambers of Commerce with a global business matchmaking platform
What is TIAO? TIAO is the company developping the technology behind COBCOE Connects and be.connected. TIAO technology combines the reach and bre...
17 hours ago
Aiming to help companies address shortage of IT specialist
Arelance, a technological consultancy company from Spain, is currently expanding to other markets and wants to find partners abroad. We have more...
19 hours ago
Looking for companies who are seeking to rethink their work space or searching for flexible office space
The Instant Group have a global presence and have been assisting companies with their flexible work space requirements in Europe, APAC and the US f...
1 day ago

What is be.connected?

be.connected is an online service designed to help companies to grow their businesses through easy access to contacts in new markets.

Join this fast-growing digital platform powered by chambers of commerce and business associations where members find a trusted environment to grow their business:

  • A simple way to access new opportunities
  • Tailor-made B2B matchmaking facilitated by local moderators
  • Selected contacts in new markets
  • Known and trusted international networks

Success stories

Participating Networks

A unique personal touch

be.connected combines the best of technology with the expertise of respected business organisations. It is moderated by local chambers of commerce and organisations with in-depth knowledge of the local markets and/or sectors, who can offer follow-on support.

Why be.connected?

Business development is critical for any business, but it can be

  • Hard to do, expensive and very time consuming if you only rely on traditional methods to develop personal contacts, such as trade fairs and trade missions
  • Ineffective if you only rely on online platforms and communication to identify opportunities, where you may run the risk of dealing with unknown partners

be.connected combines the best of both worlds: we provide a cost-effective platform dedicated to only one task: provide you with the best business growth environment.

  • Growth: Your opportunities will be visible to relevant companies
  • Efficiency: You are not alone - local moderators from chambers of commerce are there to assist you in making contacts with others and in finding interesting leads
  • Trust: We guarantee you access to a network of members certified by chambers of commerce

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